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In Discovery Point in the Terra Nova room is this larger than life photo of 9 men of Scott’s Expedition to the South Pole.

All day long they looked at me. Three of them in particular were very good looking. Scott had such pale eyes and in the photo he’s not looking at the camera, but his eyes are fixed somewhere on the far horizon. I didn’t know who any of the others were in the photo so I asked the staff at Discovery Point and after some hunting around they got me the names. So from L to R : Griffith Taylor(geologist), Charles Wright (physicist), Edward (Teddy) Evans (2nd in command), Henry Bowers, Robert Falcon Scott, Frank Debenham (geologist), Tryggve Gran (ski expert), Edgar (Taff) Evans, Thomas Crean.

Only Bowers, Scott and Taff Evans were on the fatal final polar assault. Oates and Wilson, the other two, are not in this picture. The other three men who Scott turned back before the final assault were Lashly (not in the picture) Teddy Evans and Thomas Crean. Thomas Crean in particular was devastated to be sent back and some people have said Scott should have taken Crean over Taff Evans to the pole.

Thomas Crean on the far right is a terrifying looking man and indeed was tough as nails. His Wikipedia page is full of tales of heroism and endurance. A real heroic figure. And not even British. He was Irish and his pub in Dublin, The South Pole, is still there.

Frank Debenham and Teddy Evans were so good looking that I had trouble paying attention to the meeting with those two hunnys looking down.

So I learnt quite a bit even if the meeting was a bit dull.


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