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Back in the day (2 years ago) when my line manager was male and we were still in the corner of the office, one week we were left completely unsupervised. The publications designer, who sat with us and was also a male of the senior persuasion, was not in attendance either. This lead to my esteemed and hilarious colleague saying that without appropriate male supervision us four women would be unable to cope. There would be chaos and no work would be done and no decisions could be made and it would all be disastrous and when the men returned there would be paper and broken crockery everywhere. The ceiling tiles would be down and there would be a goat in the office. The goat being the ultimate symbol of chaos. This became a bit of an in-joke that a lack of appropriate male supervision resulted in goats in the office.

Shortly after this I went on holiday and when I came back there was a nanny and two kids on my desk. They were very well behaved though. Then one day Juliet and I went shopping in Tiger and I found the big grey goat and he has a particularly chaotic look in his eye. He was a bad influence on the others and became known as the chaos goat. In the following days when my boss, who by this time had changed, was out of the office then I'd take pictures of the big goat getting up to mischief and gradually it grew going from one off photos to photo stories with the rest of the family involved. Sometimes when I was off they would have adventures without me and I'd post the pictures later. The herd grew with the addition of wee goat.

It depends how busy I am whether any goat posts are made and I have been told that hilarity in the office should be minimal especially in the current climate of "organisational change" where if I'm seen to be goofing off it's going to lead to trouble and isn't sensitive to my colleagues. So any activities have to be very low-key and I am definitely "not allowed to make a wacky races video of the goats racing up the row of desks on vehicles unless no one else is here". So whilst it might look like there's chaos in my office, what really happens is I get my goats, set up a photo in a few seconds, snap it and no one is the wiser. And it generally happens when I'm too exhausted to think straight anymore and need a quick coffee break and in the time it take to boil the kettle I can snap a few photos. Just in case anyone thinks I spend all day just larking about with plastic farm animals.


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