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Here is the money found on the ground annual update.

This year's total is £27.06 which is a slight increase on last year. Previous totals are below.

There was one remarkable event of a fiver in February. Without this event the MFOG total would have been an all time low. There were 314 coins found in total which is a slight decrease on last year.

Only 7 pound coins have been found which, despite being a slight increase on last year is still only one every two months. No £2 coins were found this year and only 2 50p pieces. Foreign coins amounted to 13c Euro and 1c US which is also a decrease on last year.

Main coin finding areas are still stations, bus stops and outside shops. One point is that while in previous years the route to work/university etc has been varied the daily journey in 2015 is exactly comparable to the journey from 2011 to 2014. It is no longer the case that I find a coin every single day and this year for the first time it has also been the case than I no longer find something every week. There was one week in May when zero coins were found in the whole week.

What can we conclude? Now that Gregg's has introduced card payments and so many places now have contactless paying, people just don't need to carry so much cash on them and so there's less opportunity for droppage.


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