Jan. 1st, 2015

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Here is the Money Found on Ground Annual Update.
MFOG 2014 Annual Comparison

This annual comparison is starting to look too busy so here is the last three years alone.
MFOG Annual Comparison 3 years

This year's total is £24.09. This is a decrease on last year's takings. Previous totals have been as follows.

2008 42.45
2009 23.33
2010 36.62
2011 42.69
2012 46.29
2013 39.13
2014 24.09

There is a continual downward trend in coin finding.

MFOG Annual Total Comparison

There was one remarkable event find of a five pound note. However I did also find 12 second class stamps with a value of £6.36
There have been 324 coins found in total, a marked decrease on last year. Only five £1 coins were found. This is only one very 2 months or so which is a marked decrease on previous years, when it was slightly more than one a month. No £2 coins or 50p pieces were found this year.

Foreign coins amount to 20c Euro and 13c US, 1c Canada. This is a decrease on previous years.

MFOG 2014 Coin Breakdown

Main coin finding areas are still stations, bus stops and outside shops. Pog's school has been less lucrative, but this may be due to him going to music activities instead of hanging about in the playground. One point is that while in previous years the route to work/university etc has been varied the daily journey in 2014 is exactly comparable to the journey from 2011 to 2013. It is no longer the case that I find a coin every single day although there's never been a week that I've not found something.

What can we conclude? Scotland is feeling the pinch and although this is not the lowest total since records began it is the second lowest of all time.


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