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Here is the money found on the ground annual update.

This year's total is £26.16 which is a slight decrease on last year. Previous totals are below.

There were no remarkable events this year. There were 256 coins found in total which is a decrease on last year.

Twelve pound coins have been found which is an increase on last year and a return to a rate of one per month. One £2 coin was found this year and only one 50p piece. Foreign coins amounted to 26c Euro and 1c US which is also a decrease on last year.

The main coin finding area is the station. In previous years the route to work/university etc has been varied the daily journey in 2016 is exactly comparable to the journey from 2011 to 2015. It is no longer the case that I find a coin every week.

What can we conclude? We have plateaued out now over the last three years. So many more places have introduced card payments and so many more now have contactless paying, people just don't need to carry so much cash on them and so there's less opportunity for droppage.

Additional bonus analysis. It's been my feeling that I am finding more 20p pieces than before. So I have looked at past data and I think there is a definite trend upwards in the % of 20p pieces as a function of the total number of coins. No idea what this means though.

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